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Fall Risk

by Freelance Anesthetists




Third Interval is excited to have worked with Freelance Anesthetists to bring you their single Fall Risk. The single is scheduled to be released February 28, 2020.

Freelance Anesthetists is a conglomeration of musicians who have helped bring new life to some of Carl Johnson’s wandering tunes.

As past members ventured in alternate directions, the lineup has solidified to present day including long time collaborators Zach Dresser (drums etc. from ITEIS, LY’sWs forward) and Jackie Flanagan (harmony vocals and lead sunglasses).

Fall Risk chronicles a stumbling journey told by an unreliable narrator. A bleakly optimistic tune imploring the listener, “don’t be afraid to fuck up, your guess is as good as mine. Sometimes as the sun comes back around by morning, all you can say is, it’s another day.”


And Kilgore said at the clambake, with Laurel and Hardy in a rowboat only 50 miles offshore, that young people liked movies with a lot of shooting because they showed that dying didn’t hurt at all, that people with guns could be thought of as free-lance anesthetists.

– Timequake, Kurt Vonnegut




Broken Hearts and Other Damaged Organs – Chopped Wood Band

3IM house band Chopped Wood is at it again. This collection of originals plus a cover or two augments their acoustic-driven Americana vibrations.

CWB laments about love – good, bad and in between; reflections on life and dealing with the hand you’re dealt.


Anticipated Release Date: Spring 2020

Dive for more info, audio samples, etc. HERE!

Preliminary Song List

End Up This Way

Endless Roads

What it Takes

Learn to Dance

Eye of the Hurricane

Too Long From My Baby

I Remember You

Locked On



Due North – Pub Wisdom

Pub Wisdom band puts together some of their originals in this collection of upbeat, electric music.

Members Mike Dresser, Jim Kelly, Dave Cevene and Zach Dresser have performed together for 2 years doing some of these originals as well as crowd pleasing covers.


Anticipated Release Date: Spring/Summer 2020

Dive for more info, audio samples, etc. (coming soon)

Preliminary Song List

Due North

Occupy Me

Boot Straps

Think I’ll Get Back Home

It’s Gonna Be Alright