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any resemblance – carl johnson

Eclectic indie rock featuring driving electric and tasteful acoustic guitars surrounding melodic, eloquent lyrics.

Any Resemblance (to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental) is a collection of intensely personal songs written over the course of a decade. Tales of love and longing give way to regret and ultimately acceptance. These are songs about growing up. Musically the album is as diverse as its themes, from finger picked acoustic to walls of electric guitar, all held together by Zach’s indelible drumming.



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cwb’s first

over the hill – chopped wood band

Acoustic folk, blues, a little country, rock; guitars, banjo, lap steel – guess it’s Americana.

A collection of 6 songs that tell a story of a man up on his age and down on his luck. Having had the best of family comfort in the past, he finds himself alone and living in a late 19th century poorhouse. Helplessness, frustration and a little bitterness blended with fond thoughts of past experiences creates an edgy, yet soulful feel to the music and lyrics. The 7th and last song in the set is an uplifting, finger-picking acoustic guitar and percussion musical passage that leaves the listener upbeat.



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last year’s winners self-titled

lyw – last year’s winners

Vehement alt-rock anthems and wistful ballads work in harmony in this self-titled debut EP from Chicago’s newest alternative rock trio, Last Year’s Winners.

Last Year’s Winners is a rock band. Three guys that love to play. Carl Johnson is the writer, singer, the lead (and only) guitar player. He is as at home singing and playing acoustic in a coffee shop as he is on stage playing as loud as possible. Luke Leeman is a bass player’s bass player, perfecting not only a bass line, but a counter melody or a hook that the song grabs onto. Zach Dresser has the task of making this power trio groove, keeping it feeling good whether it’s a spacey acoustic driven number or a loud, bombastic rock song. Last Year’s Winners started as a collection of Carl’s songs that begged to be recorded, and a couple friends that were as much fans as collaborators. As children of the grunge and alternative rock filled 90’s, Last Year’s Winners takes that straight forward yet personal sound in a modern and original direction.



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