song production

recording, editing, mixing and mastering

3IM has the necessary knowledge, place, equipment and systems to produce professional “market ready” songs. 

singer-songwriter & band demos

think of it as your calling card

We can work with you and/or your band to produce a demo EP. Several songs to pass out to prospective venues and music professionals, websites and social media.

  • Affordable – Demo EPs are typically less expensive than full “market ready” productions. It’s more of a “live” version of your stuff. Services included in this package are recording, mixing and demo-quality mastering.

other services

additional stuff we can do

Below are some other things we can also help out with

  • Mixing, Editing and Mastering – Already have some tracks laid down? Send them to us and we’ll complete the project – take it as far as you’d like.

coming soon…

  • Video – 3IM can video record a performance and produce a high quality, edited, Youtube-ready video complete with high quality sound, captions, etc.
  • Assistance with Distribution – Need some help getting your stuff “out there”? We can assist with artwork, CD manufacturing, and digital distribution.
  • Off-Site recording. We’ll pack up and go to your gig or band practice spot.