Carl Johnson

Band Leader


Carl is perfectly suited for solo performances. Masterful playing complements his rich lyrics and melodies lines.

Check out Carl’s release Any Resemblance below. Digital downloads available at CDBaby and Bandcamp.

Also, check out the two new singles released in May of 2020.

Atypical Story

Carl first picked up a guitar with no intention of ever singing. After learning a few chords, he began playing in a church. Briefly taking lessons from the youth group electric guitarist, those gateway blues licks led to the harder stuff. Joining an alternative band in high school introduced him to playing live and recording.

It would be college bands in Peoria, IL that truly shaped Carl’s musical personality. Continuing to play lead electric in basement shows and school functions, he was drawn to the lyrics of his friends and began writing his own songs.

After playing numerous venues around Chicago with various groups, Carl formed the short-lived Last Year’s Winners as a vehicle for his original tunes. They recorded their first EP in 2014 with Third Interval Music before calling it quits.

Carl has explored many avenues with his music. A prolific writer and accomplished musician, he is most at home playing his tunes anywhere, anytime.

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Watch and listen to Carl playing an acoustic version of Drifting – one of the songs on his new release Any Resemblance.

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— Kurt Vonnegut