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a measure above


Lots going on at 3IM. Several new releases with a new band on the roster.

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Freelance Anesthetists

Carl Johnson, Jackie Flanagan and Zach Dresser join up to breathe life into an old project. They will start off with the single Fall Risk. Available now on Bandcamp.

Last Year’s Winners

LYWs are scheduling recording dates for a new release in Spring of 2020. This should be exciting!
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Chopped Wood Band

Yeah, they can rock! CWB’s new EP release scheduled for Spring 2020 promises something totally new for you. There’ll be songs that carry on in the Over The Hill genre, but several tunes will expose a different side of this motley crew of axe-weilding gents.

UPDATE: Chopped Wood Band has released the single Endless Roads to do a little teasing for the upcoming EP. Check this out now.

Carl Johnson Tunes

Trudging the never ending journey down his songwriting path, Carl continues to produce solid material. Two recent releases – The Longest Road and Storm Song – offer up even more reflective life experiences he shares with us.


Hope your Holiday Season dosen’t suck too much

With the release last year of Kings, Chopped Wood Band continues its new tradition with the release of R&B / Blues tinged Merry Christmas Baby.

Originally recorded by Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers in 1947, this song has been around a long time. It’s been covered by many, including Elvis, Otis Redding and Sheryl Crowe.

Seriously though, we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy through the Holidays.




Just Vote!

Nothing like a general election cycle in the good old US of A.

And, of course, Chopped Wood Band couldn’t stay quiet and has jumped into the fray with their new release Time For A Change.

No matter what side you fall on, you need to make your voice heard. I guess that’s what we’re doing.





Nobody has not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We have all pitched in somehow to mitigate the impact of this pathogen. In many ways it has caused us all to reset our way of living and interacting with each other. It has put a strain on the communities we live in. But it will not destroy these things – just change them a bit.

Chopped Wood Band has released the single Bootstraps. The song encourages us to accept these simple changes, keep our chins up and give thanks to those who are on the front lines and protecting us.

It’s a hard-driving, uplifting tune that we hope will give you some happiness and get you moving – albeit just around the house for now.


Gritty Americana

Check out this tune that is acoustic driven and features a roaring slide guitar. This tune is off the Over the Hill EP by house band Chopped Wood. 

Acoustic driven songs are right up our alley. From pop to blues to quirky – our songs are great to listen to but also provide a nice background for projects – with or without vocals.




Indie Rock

Chicago-based band Last Year’s Winners’ 2014 self-titled EP produced by 3IM included 6 songs written by singer/songwriter Carl Johnson.

This collection of songs  exemplify Carl’s musical and lyrical prowess and the bands ability to compliment and help bring them to full fruition.




LYW’s EP was recorded mostly as a full 3 piece band. Vocals were added later and some over-dubbing done on guitar parts.





Band Demos

Pub Wisdom Band recorded this original song by band member Dave Cevene at 3IM. 

Band demos are recorded live and usually don’t include any editing or final mastering. Idea is to capture the band as they would sound live at a venue – and much less expensive than commercial release versions.